Mobile Computer Services for Home / Office:

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Remote Virus Removal and Tune Up:

Clean your PC ONLINE and Speed up Sluggish Systems:
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ONLINE Remote Computer Support: (Virtual Tech)
Done from the comfort of your own home... We will send you an email with a link to our Remote Control Software. You will need to install the software so that we can connect to your pc remotely, and then we take control of the PC and make it like new again!
- Removes all Malware and Spyware from Infected PC's, as long as it has an active internet connection
- Tweak Windows OS according to Windows Experience Index, to have it running like new again
- Defragment / Optimize / Check Disks that are present in system
- Clean Registry and Temporary Files and use IE "Advanced" settings to reduce file buildup
- Remote Access software can be switched "Off" or "On" to protect and respect your privacy

***Scheduling done "after hours" if necessary***

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Install Our Remote Control Software from the link under the "Tools" section to your left

PHONE: (850) 889-4784 Covering Escambia and Santa Rosa
(Pickup and Drop Off service available!)

Web Content Filtering:

Filter Websites at Router Level (Home/Office):

Protects you, your Family and your Employee(s) from known "Rogue Websites" with "Malware" and unsolicited marketing!
- Blocks "Adult Content" and "Inappropriate" Websites
- Blocks "Phishing" and "Identity Theft" Websites
- Barrier against "accidental" Site visits by minors

Introductory Computer Classes Tutored:

1) Introduction to Computers and The Internet:

  • Introduction to the Computer
  • Parts of a Computer
  • Using your Mouse
  • Using your Keyboard
  • Computer Screen Terminologies
  • Using The Internet

2) File Manipulation and Using Windows:

  • Working with Files and Folders
  • Creating and Saving Files
  • Using Drag and Drop
  • Working with windows
  • Using Window Menus and Bars
  • Working with Digital Pictures / Cameras / Phones

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PHONE: (850) 889-4784 Covering Escambia and Santa Rosa

Maintenance Plans:

BASIC - Monthly Maintenance (3hrs / Month):

Analyze Network Facilities:
- Discuss ISP Services with client (Data and Phone) to see if it is sufficient
- Analyze Data Throughput; Bottlenecks and Workload on the Network at the router
- Discuss Network Upgrades for possible Wireless Solutions and Coverage
Analyze Workstations:
- Check if the Vendor's Warranty/Support is still in effect
- Analyze Processor Speed / RAM / HDD Free Space for performance issues
- Upgrade Assessment for migrating to the latest Windows Operating System
Maintenance Items:
- Updates: Download Windows Updates and the latest Antivirus Definitions and install them
- Data Backup: Check Backup Software Log/Script and Secure Backup Media
- Clean: Vacuum Server and Workstation fans and vents

FULL - Monthly Maintenance (5hrs / Month):
(Inclusive of the BASIC Monthly items listed above)

Create IT Policies and Documents:
- Acceptable Use Policy
Document Network Assets:
- IP Tag: Tag each Network Device with its IP Address or Share Name
- Contact List: Create Emergency Contact Lists and Numbers for all Network/Telecommunication Vendors
- Label: Affix identifying labels to Wall Jacks and Patch Panel for easy host connections
Maintenance Items:
- Disk: Check Disks on Servers and Workstations and Optimize (Defrag or Scan Disk) as needed
- Error Log: Check Error Events on Servers and Workstations
- Clean: Additional Network Equipment will be vacuumed/dusted
- Strap: Equipment Cables and Wires will be strapped neatly, and tucked away as best as possible
Query User Issues:
- Query: Confer with each user about any anomalies that are affecting their workstation
- Fix: Fixes are limited to within the 5 hours time frame allotted for FULL Maintenance
- Tips: User Tips and Shortcuts given to users in Windows and MS Office (Word and Excel) as needed


PHONE: (850) 889-4784 Covering Escambia and Santa Rosa

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